We welcome you to the 9/11 Anomalies blog. This blog, as you may already know, is dedicated to one field of 9/11 research; the aircraft that struck the Twin Towers.

This field of research is controversial even within the 9/11 Truth Movement. Some websites claim to debunk the 9/11 aircraft research, while others promote it.

While others may claim this research is disinformation, we examine this evidence as honest as possible. We do not publish claims which are supported by no evidence.

On this note we would like to state that we do not endorse the “no-plane” theories nor the 9/11 fakery theories. We firmly believe that the aircraft that hit the Twin Towers were actual physical planes equipped with extra equipment, perhaps military aircraft or drones. We do not support the theory that the planes were “holograms” or computer generated imagery.

As we have said before, we encourage you to research and come to your own conclusions

Ask Questions. Demand Answers.


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