Its The Flash! – By Dave vonKleist

July 21, 2007

The controversies over the events of 9/11 have come to a full boil with the publication of the cover story “Debunking 9/11 LIES” in the March, 2005, edition of Popular Mechanics magazine (PM). The interview with editor in chief James Meigs on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper’s 360,” and the March 5th interview with Ben Chertoff on the Art Bell radio program, represent perfect examples for the continuing controversy. The fact that the mainstream media has completely ignored some of the most significant photos and video clips that irrefutably challenges the “official story” of 9/11 has simply added more fuel to the fire. The increase of support for “911 In Plane Site” has been overwhelming and Popular Mechanics is now being referred to as “Unpopular” Mechanics!

The “Pod”

Pod Slides

The pod issue has been a source of debate and division and received top billing in PM magazine. The blatant contradictions made by Ben Chertoff and the PM article should raise red flags with anyone with cognitive skills. For example, the PM article claims that the “pod” is nothing more that a reflection of the sun glistening off of the “fairing.” Yet Mr. Chertoff said on the Art Bell program that it was mostly caused by a shadow cast by the engine (the Rob Howard photo published in PM clearly shows the shadow moving toward the front of the plane and off the wing.) How can the “pod” be a reflection and a shadow at the same time? This textbook example of double speak designed to confuse the general public is the very reason why this issue will not go away, and will continue to escalate. However, the “pod” is secondary in importance to the “flash” issue, which has been completely ignored.

The “flash” is clearly seen in four video clips in the video “911 In Plane Site”. CNN’s video clip of the plane hitting the south tower is the most widely available and has not been addressed for reasons that will soon become obvious.

There should be no debate that there indeed was a flash that occurred before the plane burrowed into the building. Two questions are raised that alone challenge the official story. First, what does the “flash” have to do with a terrorist inside the cabin brandishing a plastic knife or a box-cutter? Answer: Obviously nothing, and that leads us to the second question. What caused the Flash? There are four possibilities that come to mind:

a.) A reflection
b.) Sparks from the fuselage striking the building.
c.) Static discharge
d.) Some type of incendiary (bomb or missile)

4 Angle Montage
The photos above have never been shown or discussed in the mainstream media.

Using logical deduction, (Occam’s Razor) let’s examine each possibility.

Reflection. There are two reasons that it could not have been a reflection. First, a reflection is only seen from one angle, not four. Secondly, the flash occurred on the shaded side of the building. Rule out the reflection.

Sparks. As seen in the video clips, the flash occurred to the right and below center of the contact point of the fuselage and is clearly seen in the Camera Planet footage. Rule out sparks.

Static discharge. A static discharge would have arced from the nose of the fuselage to the building at the point of impact. As mentioned above, the flash was seen 6 to ten feet away from the fuselage and in fact is reflected off the fuselage as seen in angle four (bottom right) of the above photos. Additionally, an electric spark travels at the speed of light and would not likely be captured on several frames on each of the four video clips. Rule out static discharge.

Incendiary (bomb or missile). It is not likely that a bomb could have been placed outside the building so close to the point of impact and timed to detonate at the exact time the plane struck the tower. That leaves a missile. If it was a missile, from where could it have been launched? The flash occurred to the right and below center of the fuselage, directly in line with the anomaly called the “pod”.

A flash is also seen in the video clip of the plane hitting the north tower, which indicates that there was indeed an event that could not in any way be consistent with a simple hijacking. The entire “hijacking” story comes into serious question and cannot stand when factoring the the flash.

Flight 11 Flash

It should be obvious to the casual observer that the flash issue is by itself devastating to the official story as it not only supports the “pod” issue, but indicates that there is yet another cover-up and a patsy story in place. Until the “flash” issue is acknowledged, honestly debated and explained, the controversy will continue to escalate.

The “flash” issue isn’t the only issue that has been ignored. The Pentagon issue also continues to boil and will continue to do so until the media addresses the photos taken before the collapse.


PM magazine and the networks have yet, to the best of my knowledge, published or broadcast any of the photos that are the entire reason for the controversy.

The video footage and series of photographs taken before the collapse clearly show no crater, no divot in the lawn, no recognizable wreckage (wings, engines, tail, fuselage, wheels, luggage, seats, etc.) and no hole large enough to accommodate a Boeing 757. “From my close up inspection, there is no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon…”Jamie McIntyre, September 11th, 2001.

The presentation of the “truth” on broadcasts like “Anderson Coopers 360” or “The Art Bell Show” is at best disingenuous but let’s call it what it is: A calculated and deliberate fabrication designed to deflect real issues while ridiculing anyone who dares to think outside their “cage”. Ben Chertoff stated, “The wing hit the ground and broke off…” If the engine hangs down from the wing, it would have hit the ground first but no mention of this fact was made and the above photo refutes his statement. He also stated that the plane “liquefied” as it entered the building. If that were the case, how would it have pierced three of the rings so cleanly? The PM report is rife with contradictions as are many of the mainstream media reports.

Numerous times the American Society of Civil Engineers video analysis was cited as the authority when it came to the of the Pentagon’s collapse. However, the computer-generated video has three glaring errors or omissions. First, they forgot to factor in the 18 ½” steel re-enforced exterior wall of the outer ring. Secondly, the tail section remains intact as it enters the building despite numerous photos that show no entry hole. And thirdly, the computer analysis omitted the heaviest, densest and hardest pieces of the aircraft- the engines! With “expert” analysis like this is there any wonder that the “official” story is being questioned at almost every turn?

What is truly a shame is that there are those in the broadcast media that for whatever reason, continue the farce by labeling those asking these questions as “wingnuts” and hide behind a false veil of fairness while citing these “authorities” as the be all and end all of the “truth.” Why is an open debate and a presentation of this suppressed evidence not an option for those claiming a righteous demonstration of “freedom of the press?” I would have welcomed anyone with an opposing viewpoint when I was a guest on the George Noorey program and would do so today. In fact, I would challenge James Meigs, Ben Chertoff or anyone else recognized as an “authority” to debate these issues live on the air on any radio or television program of their choosing. I commend George Noory for having the courage to bring me on the air to bring these issues to the attention of the American people and if invited again, would certainly not oppose debate with any “authority.” It’s not only good radio, it’s a way for the people to judge for themselves who is telling the truth and who is not. Art, do you hear me?

America and the world are not as dumb as these people apparently think. The stakes are the highest imaginable and this game is for keeps. Unless this subterfuge ceases immediately the rest of the world will no doubt see the United States as the most manipulated, controlled and dangerous country on earth. God help us.

The issues raised in this article are barely a scratch in the surface of the many inconsistencies in the official story of 9/11.

Until these photographs and video clips are presented to the American people and discussed openly and honestly, the controversy will continue to grow! CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and all news agencies must deal with these issues! They will not go away and neither will those of us demanding honesty from the news networks that claim they can be trusted! It is their integrity that is now in serious question, not those of us asking legitimate questions!

Dave vonKleist